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Five firefighters with the City of Vernon will undergo rescue diving training at a total cost of $2700.

The training was discussed and unanimously approved by the Vernon City Council during a meeting Monday, May 20.

The cost per individual firefighter is $540. Which exact firefighters will train will be picked by Fire Chief ShiQuan “Shaq” Green.

“We only got five that’s actually been there for some time,” Green said. “We got kayaks, creeks.”

Council President Becky Baxley said there could be floods again like the city used to have. 

“At that point, the Fire Department used to have a boat and get people but they didn’ have diving training back then,” Baxley. 

Other tidbits from the Vernon meeting:

-The annual Independence Day parade was set for Saturday, June 29, at 5 p.m.

-Mayor Gary Owens said a prohibited Airbnb site was found in the city by a code enforcement officer.

-Animal control will not be able to take non-dangerous animals until August due to the heat.