VERNON – The Pride of Vernon Band presented its 2021 Spring Concert Tuesday, May 11, to a packed house full of friends and family at the Vernon High School auditorium. 

The beginning, middle school, and high school bands all performed under the direction of VHS Band Director John Harcus.  The high school band performed selections from “2001: A Space Oddysey”, “Phantom of the Opera”, “Cats”, and “The Hobbit”, before finishing with a medley of marches by composer John Williams. 

After adapting to and overcoming complications presented by the 2020 school year Mr. Harcus shared his gratitude with the bands and everyone in the VMS/VHS music family.  “The band students from both the middle and high school worked very hard to prepare for the concert,” said Harcus. “I am very proud of the performance and would like to thank all who support the band programs at both schools.”