Sunny Hills sees uptick in property sales

SUNNY HILLS – When the  29-square mile neighborhood that was to become Sunny Hills was being developed in the early 90s, lots in the community were popular real estate boons. 

In fact, in the first few days  lots were on the market, more than $1 million in sales were made nationwide.  Infrastructure was placed, streets were paved, and some houses were built – but Sunny Hills didnÂ’t take off as anticipated.  

Today, 30 years later, lots in Sunny Hills are once again popular with buyers with about 122 lots sold in the last year. 

Prior to public sale, the  lots are owned by Washington County, with the sales a benefit to the county, according to County Administrator Jeff Massey.  

“Selling these properties means they are back on the tax rolls,” said Massey. “Which mean we will be able to make even more improvements to our county.”  

Approximately $3,100 in taxes will be coming into the county once again with the sale of the properties.

Many improvements have been made to the Sunny Hills community to make it a more attractive place for people to live, such as repaving roads, the addition of broadband internet access, and installation of LED lighting on the boulevard. 

Boat Lake and the Sunny Hills Golf Club are major attractions to the area as well,  Massey says.

“Sunny Hills has a bright future which can only help the county grow and move forward.” 

The median price of the lots comes in at $1,800, the assessed value of the property. Some have existing power poles while some do not, depending on the location.  Water and sewage are available through U.S. Water Company. 

Most of the buyers are locals where some are local-ish. Over the last three years, Washington County has seen an increase in citizens due to many being forced to leave Bay County after Hurricane Michael destroyed their homes. The ensuing shortage of housing in the area is not something Massey believes has caused the spike in land purchases, however. 

“I cannot speak to the housing shortage in Bay County because I donÂ’t know anything about it,” said Massey. “What I can say is, Bay County is growing northward, and many are looking at the south end of Washington County to settle and still be able to work in Bay.  Moving here allows them to get out of the day-to-day rat race.”  

For more information on the list of properties for sale in Sunny Hills and other areas in Washington County, call Jessica Hawkins at Washington County Board of County Commissioners office at 850-638-6200.