Chipley approves purchase price of Mongoven Building, makes new plans for downtown

The once majestic Mongoven Building is one step closer to demolition following a vote by Chipley City Council last week. [CAROL KENT | THE NEWS AND ADVERTISER]

Chipley City Council members are moving forward in the reacquisition
of Chipley’s historical Mongoven Building and developing other plans
to draw foot traffic into the downtown area.

Council members unanimously passed the motion to accept the fair
market value appraisal amount of $68,000 as the purchase price.

During the July 12 meeting, City Administrator Dan Miner, advised
council members that a recent appraisal, and an appraisal review
completed by a separate firm, came to the same conclusion on the
amount and reminded members that federal regulations due to grant
funding did require the building to be purchased at fair market value.

Miner confirmed the next phase is demolition, which will include any
engineering needed to ensure the adjacent Dunn Building is unaffected.

The purchase and repurposing of the site was made possible by a
$852,800 Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) grant.

The funds, awarded to the city through DEO’s Rebuild Florida Hometown
Revitalization Program, will be used to reacquire and demolish the
deteriorating building, located at the corner of South Railroad Avenue
and 5th Street. Following the demolition, the funds will also help
repurpose the site with the construction of a park area.

Additional discussions during the meeting included the establishment
of an Entertainment District within Chipley’s downtown area. Such a
district will increase the mobility and freedom of patrons and
businesses, allowing for less encumbrances on activities and future
festivals hosted downtown.

After consideration, council members unanimously passed a motion to
begin the process of creating an Entertainment District, which will
include the review of alcohol and sound ordinances.