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Chipley was invaded by scarecrows on a Saturday morning.
Not just any scarecrow but scarecrows made by locals, old and young. They lined the lawn at the Chipley Pavillion on Sept. 23, waiting to be chosen as the greatest. 

Winner of People’s Choice Award and Sweetest – Emily the Chipley Cheerleader [NAN THOMPSON]

The event, sponsored by the Chipley Garden Club and Washington County Historical Society, started their challenge and marked the advent of fall last month by placing scarecrows throughout downtown.
Winners were divided into youth, adult, and business/club categories.

Adult 1st Place – In Honor of Military – The Roberts Family

Adult 2nd Place – Crow-Chet Lessons – Joy Crawford

Youth 1st Place – Cawfee Shop – Faelyn Crawford

Youth 2nd Place – Pumpkin Pie – Kinsky Longo and Britton Hammond

Business 1st Place – Animal Control Officer, Jim Bob – City of Chipley – Patty Tanner

People’s Choice and Sweetest Award  – Emily the Cheerleader – Kayleigh Longo and Maddelyn Grantham 

Adult 1st Place – In Honor of Military – The Roberts Family [NAN THOMPSON]

Garden Club Special – Ms Sun-nee Flower – Andrea Baldwin

Funniest – Crow Bar – Mike Crawford 

Recycling – In Honor of the Military – The Roberts Family

Most Unusual – Ms. Sun-nee Flower – Andrea Baldwin 

Most Traditional – Tradition with a Twist – Randy Carter

Winner of Most Traditional – Tradition with a Twist [NAN THOMPSON]

If scarecrows weren’t your thing, there were plenty of vendors, food, and even lead archeologist Tray Ernest, who located the Holms’ Town earlier this year in Washington County. Joining him was historian and author Dale Cox, who identified the Holms’ Town site.