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United Way of Northwest Florida has requested to use the Washington County Ag Center on Jackson Avenue for tax preparation services, a proposal under consideration by the County Board of County Commissioners.

The potential use came up during a commission meeting on Thursday, Nov. 17, and will be further considered for possible approval during a January workshop.

The tax preparation program would be held on one Saturday a month–possibly more–and free for clients. Taxes would be prepared by volunteers.

United Way has asked for a fee waiver for use of the Ag Center. 

Commissioners said United Way could use the west wing of the building instead of the main auditorium since that part is a smaller space.

“There’s not a whole lot of places in Washington County to rent and there’s a lot of different people looking to rent the Ag Center all the time,” Commissioner David Corbin said. “I hate to tie it up. Maybe not the main auditorium. I tried to rent it.”

United Way Director of Development Karen Landry said that is fine.

“The only thing we needed is a room that has the ability to lock some things up so the laptops and printers don’t have to be hauled around. Everything is in a secure location,” Landry said. “If we need to bring lockboxes with us, that’s fine too.”

Materials would just be brought back and forth.

The tax preparation services would be offered during tax season, towards the end of January through the end of the season.

“We’ve got a little time before tax season,” Commissioner Tray Hawkins said.