Washington County teacher uses children’s book to teach Biblical history 

Along with teaching at Grace and Glory Christian School in Chipley, Stuart Smith is also a published author of religious books for children.

Smith recently released “Neebler’s Scroll – Sword of Goliath.”

“As a teacher of Bible, history, and science, Stuart illustrates a story of time travel of a boy who has found a gateway to a Biblical event,” a news release said. “It allows the reader to take a front row seat to a story told in every nation these past thousands of years. It involves a little chest found behind Niagra Falls in Canada that holds artifacts which include an ancient scroll.”

Smith was inspired to write a book for his granddaughter’s age group. He set out over two years ago to complete an adventure story that’s short and easy to read. 

“Mr Stuart, as his students call him, has always enjoyed telling stories to his family members even as a boy,” the news release said. “It helped him entertain his many nieces and nephews when they were younger.”

One of his students has reportedly read “Neebler’s Scroll” 15 times. The book is to be at least a three-book series, with the next edition expected to come some time this summer. “Neebler’s Scroll” is available in participating bookstores and online at Amazon. 

Smith has published other books, including “Seeking to Win – Developing the Heart of a Champion,” “Get Out of That Box – Unity by Conversation,” and “American Preacher – The Hope of a Nation.”

Additionally, he is the pastor of First Christian Church in Dothan and married to Isabelle Smith.