CFD teaches Kindergartners about fire safety

CHIPLEY –  Kate M. Smith Elementary Kindergartners received lessons in fire safety when they visited the Chipley Fire Department Friday, May 14. Firefighters were on hand to teach them about fire safety, bunker gear, fire hoses, and fire trucks.  

Firefighter Ambers Carter says it is important for kids to know what firefighters look like while wearing their gear.

“We make sure they see us in our full bunker gear so if they see us during a fire, they wonÂ’t be scared of us and think we are the boogeyman,” said Carter 

Chipley Fire Chief Floyd Aycock says the annual KMS field trip is one of his favorite days.

“I love it when the kids come to the station,” said Aycock. “Watching their eyes light up when they get to see all the things we do, itÂ’s one of the best feelings.”