Wausau Quilters donate to nursing home residents

WAUSAU ­– The Wausau Quilting Club donated nearly 40 quilts to residents of local nursing homes this week as part of their annual service project.

Club member Jewel Farrin made the quilts over the past year, creating them to be small enough for residents who use wheelchairs to utilize as lap covers.

“That way, it can help keep their legs warm, and for ladies who wear gowns, it can help maintain modesty,” she said.

Although most were machine stitched, Farrin says several of the quilts were sewn by hand. Whether machine stitched or handmade, Farrin says the common thread is love.

“We wanted to do something for the local nursing home residents and let them know they are special,” she said. “Hopefully, this will brighten their day and they will enjoy the quilts.”

The Wausau Quilting Club was able to provide materials such as batting to use for the project, thanks to donations from members of the community.

The club is looking for new members and is willing to teach anyone willing to learn the art of quilting.

Wausau Quilting Club meets from 8:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. each Tuesday at Wausau Town Hall, located at 1607 2nd Street in Wausau.