Appointment of Mr. Michael D. Richter as Chipley Police Chief

Chipley, FL – In a decision announced during the Chipley City Council meeting, the city of Chipley welcomed Mr. Michael D. Richter as its new Police Chief. With an impressive 15-year tenure in law enforcement, nearly 13 of which were dedicated to serving the community of Chipley, Mr. Richter brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of innovative problem-solving to his new role.

Throughout his career, Mr. Richter has consistently demonstrated his ability to pioneer fresh approaches to address complex issues and streamline operational procedures. His leadership style, marked by decisiveness and autonomy, has empowered him to effectively manage challenging situations with minimal supervision. Known for his dedication, adaptability, and keen understanding of criminal law and procedure, Mr. Richter possesses the essential qualities required to excel in his new position.

City Administrator Patrice Tanner expressed confidence in Mr. Richter’s appointment, stating, “I believe in nothing less than having an extraordinary team in place to accomplish the goals and objectives we need to keep our city moving in a positive direction. I believe Mr. Richter will be a tremendous addition to our team.”

Mr. Richter’s collaborative approach to law enforcement, coupled with his commitment to fostering a cohesive team environment, aligns seamlessly with the department’s ethos. His proactive stance on officer involvement and unwavering dedication to achieving departmental goals underscore his suitability for the role of Police Chief.